Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vote for your Typography Challenge Favorite!

Here's your chance to pick a winner!  Anyone can vote once per day.  The entries in the poll will appear in a different order every time you vote.  So don't tell anyone to "vote for the 3rd one down."  
Be sure to scroll on down past the poll and click on the links for all the projects.  There are a lot of great tutorials and inspirational ideas in those links, so don't pass them up!
Keren and I had a great time with this challenge and hope the participants did as well.
To the participants:
Thanks so much for all your hard work!  You all tackled this challenge with style and such creativity.  It is always so amazing to see how you all can solve the same problem in so many different ways.  Please stay in touch as we'll be announcing our next challenge soon.

  1. Ampersand wall art by Cameron at Homemade
  2. Citrisolv image transfer dishtowels by Jenni at Who Makes Up This Craft?
  3. Create appliqued and quilted pillow by Laura at Quokka Quilts
  4. Fabric letter and number sets by Pam from Threading My Way

5.  Vinyl sticker cuckoo clock by Donatella from Inspiration&Realisation
6.  P.S. I Love You bag by Tanya from Carft Couture by TC

7.  Lacey used applique, stamps and fabric paint to make these napkins.
8.  Applique pillow by Nadia from The Pink Pixie
9.  Embroidered pillow by Keren from sew la vie (challenge hostess)
10.  Table linen set crafted by Paula from Paula Castro Crafts

11.  Reverse applique Molly pillow by Jaime from That's My Letter
12.  Home Sweet Home wall art by Kei from Unfortunately Oh!
13.  Mr. & Mrs. pillows by Rikka from Ricochet and Away!  (challenge hostess)
14.  Typography Challenge Hompage.

Typography Challenge Poll


  1. Thanks again for hosting, Rikka and Keren!!! Another great challenge. Looking forward to the next one.!

  2. I have voted for today and will come up to vote for few of my other fav too!

  3. What a fabulous collection of beautiful hand made items...I should definitely join next time. Have placed my vote :-)

  4. it would be nice to see how voting is going on :)

  5. I think I have voted for someone different every time!!! I am sort of glad I did not get my finished, because now I have even more ideas! What bunch of talented folks!!! I am so glad you host these challenges!


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