Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scarves Pretending to be Something Else

When I came up the idea of a scarf making challenge, I never dreamed there were so many different kinds of scarves out there.  I am especially fascinated by scarves that are pretending to be some other mundane item.    I suppose you could make any item out of fabric, stretch it's proportions and call it a scarf.  I wonder if there are any knife and fork scarves, or ears of corn scarves, or skyscraper scarves???
From what I've found so far, I wouldn't be surprised.
So, my lovely Ring Your Neck participants, here is a funny list of pretender scarves:
If you're interested in joining us in our scarf-making adventure, go HERE.

Felted Scarf Wool Silk Art scarf nunofelting Pike Fish Gray Spots Mint Coral
This nuno felt pike fish scarf is both bazaar and beautiful.
I found it at an etsy shop called RudmanArt.

PATTERN: Fleece fox scarf...perfect for that foxy person in your life
This scarf is pretending to be a fox stole.
You can buy the pattern for this fox scarf at
underthemountain's etsy store.
This scarf  by Sachiko at Tea Rose Home is made from an old cardigan.
Sachiko jokes that this scarf looks like something a forest guardian would wear.
She may be right, but I'd wear it in a heartbeat.
[source and tutorial]
Handmade to Order Flower Fleece Scarf -- Choose Your Color
This fleece scarf is pretending to be a garland of flowers.
Lot's of cutting, but very little sewing....might not be too hard to try.
I found it at swiemann's etsy shop.
This rainbow scarf has a Velcro pocket in the pot o' gold!
So much fun for any little kiddo.
I found it at Childmade Tutorials.
[source and tutorial]
A bacon scarf!!!!  LOL!!!!
I found this scarf featured on Geekologie.com,
but the source is goes to a broken link.

Unique Dagwood Sandwich Scarf - Repurposed sweaters
Since we're on the subject of food...
Here's a funny Dagwood Sandwich Scarf
by etsy shop thriftysitster.
Lambswool Green Pencil Scarf
A pencil scarf by saracarr on etsy.

We all need a bit of fun and whimsy in our lives, don't you think?
We might not all need to wear a bacon scarf to prove it though!
I hope you enjoyed this little post.  I had fun making it.

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,


  1. I love the fish scarf, although I would never wear it! Not so sure about the rasher of bacon scarf :)Great finds though

  2. I'm in love with the bacon scarf!! So cute!


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