Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gift Idea: Potted Tulip Bulbs

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Spring does not come early in Montana.  Here we are in March and there's not a crocus to be seen much less a daffodil.  Tulips won't be around until May, and the lilies won't show until June.  And before we know it, September's here and the leaves on the trees are turning.  Those are the reasons why Montanans are such big fans of forcing bulbs indoors.  That is the only way we can enjoy traditional spring blooms in March.  

Don't get  me wrong though, we love all bulbs and rhizomes outdoors as well.  They are so tolerant of our extreme climate.  The are perennials, meaning they come back year after year.  Plus they are so pretty.  Right?

My favorites for forcing indoors or planting in beds are tulips.  They come in every hue from the brightest white to the deepest, nearly black, purples.  Bulbs are readily available at hardware and grocery stores, as well as garden centers and flower shops.  I can't resist the potted bulbs they set out near the cash registers at my local grocery store.  

Tulip bulbs make great gifts.  They are very easy to grow.  The reason being because of the hardy nature of bulbs in general.  A bulb contains all the nutrients it needs to stay alive underground throughout the winter.  So a potted bulb just needs a little water an non-freezing temps to sprout and bloom.  No fertilizing or strategically placed windows required.  I've seen potted bulbs blooming in interior office cubicles and bathrooms with teeny-tiny windows.

Check out this cute gift idea I found on Pinterest:


I would love this type of gift for Mother's Day!  (hint-hint)  A pair of stylish galoshes filled with bulbs and gardening tools would make a great present for anyone with a spring birthday.  How about you?  What's your favorite spring flower?  Your favorite color of tulip?

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  1. Those boots are brilliant, will have to take a look. Tulips grow around my in the fields which is why our area of Lincolnshire, UK is called South Holland! We have a tulip parade in April where floats are decorated with tulip petals. So sweet and so colourful. Take care. Chel


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