Friday, May 3, 2013

Winners: Fancy Feet Sewing Challenge

I almost forgot!  Everyone worked SO hard meeting the Fancy Feet Challenge, and I nearly forgot to post the winners of the poll.  Shame on me.  So here I am at work, hustling to post this before the kids show up....  sorry about the brevity, but I'd rather not let another minute pass before I announce the projects that received the most votes in our just-for-fun poll.

Congrats to Marisa who received the most votes:
Marisa used her pintucking foot to create this beautiful table runner.
She blogged about her project HERE.
Find more of her tutorials HERE.

Congrats! Gold Award!

Congrats to Pam who received the second highest number of votes:
Pam used her roll and shell hemmer foot to hem the ruffles on this nappy cover.
She blogged about her project HERE.
Pam has lots of sewing tutorials to be found HERE.

Congrats! Silver Award!

Congrats to our 2 bronze award winners!
Here's Kirstin's entry:
Kristin used her free motion quilting foot to quilt this baby blanket.
Read about her experience HERE.
Here tutorial page can be found HERE.
Here's Diya's entry:
Burdastyle JJ Blouse
Diya used her gathering foot to add the ruffles to her pretty blouse.
She blogged about her challenge HERE.
Find Diya's tutorial page HERE.

Congrats! Bronze Award!

Everyone did a great job and should be very proud of their projects!!!!
Thanks so much for all your hard work and for joining in my challenge!!!
If you're new to my challenges, you can see all the homepages for my past challenges by using the button on my menu bar.  You can see all the finished projects for the Fancy Feet Challenge HERE.

Happy Crafting and BIG Hugs from Montana,

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