Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Dog Coat

This post contains way too many photos of my dog!
They are not even very good photos!
I'm sorry!  I couldn't help myself!

After Pippa, our cockapoo, got her last haircut she transformed from a shaggy black sheepdog to a skinny legged lapdog.  Then temps dropped, and snow fell.  I worried about Pippa getting cold during our walks so I decided to sew her a little coat.  I found this free pattern that was for a very small dog:

After I printed out the PDF and did some measurements, I decided I could alter the pattern to fit Pippa.  You can see I used my blue tape to tape together the pattern and the pink marker where I made the alterations:

After tracing onto some freezer paper I came up with this:

Super Loxol Freezer Paper, With Long Term Protection of 12-15 Months, (Google Affiliate Ad)

Then I used the pattern on an old sheet and saw that I needed to make some adjustments.  I moved the belly strap up closer to the neck and chopped a few inches off the back.  My edited pattern looked like this:

Once I finished making the pattern, I gathered my supplies:

I cut out an outer and lining fabrics, adding a 1/2 inch seam allowance:

I sewed together some scraps of quilt batting to make an insulating inner layer without the seam allowance:

I decided the quilt batting wasn't going to be warm enough, and sewing together my scraps was tedious.  So I cut out an old fleece blanket (sorry Grandma!) and added that for extra warmth.  You can see from the above and below pics that I did a quick zig-zag stitch around the edges of the filling to secure them together:

I safety-pinned the batting/fleece to the outer layer of fabric, laying it evenly within the seam allowances.  Then I marked a grid to guide my machine quilting:

I quilted the batting to the outer layer:

I added the looped side of the Velcro to the outer tabs and the hook sides to the lining tabs.  I just used some Velcro strips I had in my stash.  I recommend using the sew-in, rather than the adhesive Velcro.  This part wasn't too hard, but I had to sew the hooked Velcro from the the back because it keep grabbing my top thread.  Here's what my Velcro looked like:

I lined up and pinned the outer and lining fabrics, right sides together, and stitched around the perimeter using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  I left a 3 inch opening to pull it all through later.  I notched the curves and corners and then turned it all right side out.  I top-stitched the edges and I was done:

I think that Pippa likes her coat.  Well, she knows that we're going for a walk when I put it on her.  Perhaps she's just tolerating it because of the walk.  In any case, Pippa doesn't seem to mind wearing the coat.  She was apprehensive about the sound of the Velcro pulling apart, but cockapoos are notoriously skittish dogs.  

And now for more pics of Pippa:

She's pretty, isn't she?

She LOVES the snow!

One last photo: 

I made a Pinterest Board full of dog coat ideas and patterns.  So if you're in the market for a doggie jacket, that's a good place to start.

Many of the patterns and styles were quilted all the way through the coat and the raw edges were finished with bias tape.  I like the finished look of those dog coats, but didn't want to spend the time fiddling with bias tape.

I'm sure I'll be making more coats for Pippa this winter.  I think I'll alter the pattern again and move the belly strap up even closer to her front legs.  If you look at the pic of the inspiration pattern, you'll see that one front tab (that goes around the neck) is longer than the other, while the tabs on Pippa's coat are equal in length.  I might try that out for the next coat if I remember.

I'm also thinking about a doggie Halloween costume, a coat with a ruffled edge, a coat with some "bling" like silver studs, or a using a freezer paper stencil..... Lots of possibilities for such a quick and easy sewing project.

Have any of you, my lovely readers, ever sewn a coat for your dog?  Does your dog have a flashy wardrobe?  And I'm really curious about this:  Do you think Pippa needs some matching booties?

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,
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P.S.  One more quick thing!  If you're looking for a good, affordable dog bed that can be machine washed and dried, click on this photo:
This is what Pippa uses and we love it!!!  I bought two rather pricey foam rubber beds with removable covers, but Pippa totally destroyed them both.  She pulled off or chewed through the covers and shredded the foam rubber to tiny bits.  No joke!  This bed is less than half the price of the others I brought.  It  is all one piece and fits perfectly inside the crate.  Pippa has slept on it for 2 months now without destroying it, so she must approve as well.  The other beds didn't last 2 weeks.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scarves with patchwork and quilting

Here's a great roundup of creative and beautiful scarves. 
I love the idea of wrapping one of these around my neck! 

The "Versatile and Vervy Half-Moon Quilted Scarf"
by Michele Made Me has so many beuatiful details
of quilting, patchwork and embroidery.
[source and tutorial]

Quilted Fleece Scarf
The quilting on this fleece scarf by lmkquilts' etsy shop
is just fabulous!  What a classy detail to add to a plain
fleece scarf!
Now here's a yarn scarf with no knitting or crocheting!  The yarn was
gathered and stitched through back and forth a bunch of times.
I found thiscreative gem at katy did's blog.

Quilted Patchwork Men's Scarf with Black Fleece Lining
Another scarf I found on etsy at kyebags' shop.
I love the whole thing from the fabrics to the
simple quilting.  But sadly, my husband said he
wouldn't wear it. :(  I'll have to come up with a
feminine version for myself!

Look! A rag quilt scarf!  Brilliant!
I found this at Jubilee Homespun along with a
ton of more project ideas.
[source and tutorial]

Do you have leftover minky fabric from all those baby blankets
you've been making?  Well here's a good way to use them up!
Megan from The Homes I Have Made
crafted this scarf from a pattern.
Love the pom-pom trim too!

Emily from Today's Mama posted this fab
tutorial on how to create this fun scarf.
I want one!
[source and tutorial]
Cathe form Just Something I Made gives a great tutorial
on making these upcycled t-shirt scarves.  I think I know
some kids who might like one of these....
[source and tutorial]
There are a ton more patchwork scarves that I could share, but you'll find most of them on the "Ring Your Neck" Pinterest board HERE.  I love quilting, but I'm not so fond of all the time it takes to finish a big ol' quilt.  These scarves are perfect ways to use up scraps and finish a project in an afternoon.

I hope you are inspired to make a scarf for the Ring Your Neck Scarf Making Challenge!
Visit the homepage HERE for more info.

OK, now which one is your favorite?

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scarves with Prints

One of the rules I made for November's Ring Your Neck Challenge is that sewing is optional.
Another rule is that you must try something new.
So if you aren't going to sew, let me suggest trying some fun dying and printing techniques:

Dali Border Dipped Scarf Indigo white, indigo, women's scarves
This fine wool scarf was dip-dyed
in indigo--a lovely effect.
I found these dip-dyed scarves
on the Martha Stewart website.
These striped shawls by Virginia Johnson
are bright and fun.
Designer, Maria Alexandra Vettese has printed photographs
of the the sky on silk scarves.  Breathtaking!
about upstate
quoted from their website:
"about upstate: 
kalen and astrid design garments utilizing their 
own take on shibori* and dip dyeing. 
each item is hand dyed and one of a kind."
A fun freezer paper print on a jersey scarf
by Ashley Weeks Cart.
[source and tutorial]
These scarves from Bali would be fun to try.
Whether you do a wax resist dye or handpainting
or freezer paper stencil....
A silk-screened scarf by the folks at Prudent Baby.
This cool "Quote Scarf" by The Fashion Planner
was made with a sharpie.  I want to try it too!
[source and tutorial]
how to make a galaxy scarf
Stacie at gives a great tutorial on how make a
"Galaxy Scarf"
[source and tutorial]
Here's another great freezer paper stencil
printed scarf.  This one is by Jessica Jones
from How About Orange.
[source and tutorial]

So do you have a favorite you want to try?
Anyone is welcome to join the scarf challenge.
You can sign up HERE.

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scarves Pretending to be Something Else

When I came up the idea of a scarf making challenge, I never dreamed there were so many different kinds of scarves out there.  I am especially fascinated by scarves that are pretending to be some other mundane item.    I suppose you could make any item out of fabric, stretch it's proportions and call it a scarf.  I wonder if there are any knife and fork scarves, or ears of corn scarves, or skyscraper scarves???
From what I've found so far, I wouldn't be surprised.
So, my lovely Ring Your Neck participants, here is a funny list of pretender scarves:
If you're interested in joining us in our scarf-making adventure, go HERE.

Felted Scarf Wool Silk Art scarf nunofelting Pike Fish Gray Spots Mint Coral
This nuno felt pike fish scarf is both bazaar and beautiful.
I found it at an etsy shop called RudmanArt.

PATTERN: Fleece fox scarf...perfect for that foxy person in your life
This scarf is pretending to be a fox stole.
You can buy the pattern for this fox scarf at
underthemountain's etsy store.
This scarf  by Sachiko at Tea Rose Home is made from an old cardigan.
Sachiko jokes that this scarf looks like something a forest guardian would wear.
She may be right, but I'd wear it in a heartbeat.
[source and tutorial]
Handmade to Order Flower Fleece Scarf -- Choose Your Color
This fleece scarf is pretending to be a garland of flowers.
Lot's of cutting, but very little sewing....might not be too hard to try.
I found it at swiemann's etsy shop.
This rainbow scarf has a Velcro pocket in the pot o' gold!
So much fun for any little kiddo.
I found it at Childmade Tutorials.
[source and tutorial]
A bacon scarf!!!!  LOL!!!!
I found this scarf featured on,
but the source is goes to a broken link.

Unique Dagwood Sandwich Scarf - Repurposed sweaters
Since we're on the subject of food...
Here's a funny Dagwood Sandwich Scarf
by etsy shop thriftysitster.
Lambswool Green Pencil Scarf
A pencil scarf by saracarr on etsy.

We all need a bit of fun and whimsy in our lives, don't you think?
We might not all need to wear a bacon scarf to prove it though!
I hope you enjoyed this little post.  I had fun making it.

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,
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