Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Incorrect Bobbin-Filling-Method

Confession time.  I am a lazy seamstress. 

{{side note: I always want to use the term "sewer" to describe myself.  As in, a person who sews: a sewer.  But sewers are dark and dirty underground places teeming with mutant turtles.  So I try to refrain.}}

Where was I?  Oh yes, lazy.  Picture this, you have just sat down to a therapeutic session of sewing.  10 minutes into your sewing bliss, your bobbin runs out of thread.  Total bummer.  :-(  Of course, you don't have any extra full bobbins, because you are l-a-z-y.  Now, it would take exactly 87 seconds to un-thread your machine and reconfigure it to wind up a new bobbin and re-thread it.  BUT, you are too lazy!  Welcome to my world!

No, there will be no un-threading of your machine.  You will just pop an empty bobbin on the little bobbin-spinner-upper-thingy (tech term) and grab another, otherwise unoccupied, spool of thread.  You will wind up that bobbin while holding the spool in your hand, or just leave the spool on the table!  All you need to remember is to keep the line semi-taught by feeding the thread through your fingers. 

Yes, I know.  Your sewing machine manual has diagrams and step-by-step instructions for filling up your bobbins.  There are DOs and DON'Ts to bobbin filling. 

There are warnings.  Oh yes, bad things can happen with improperly threaded bobbins.  Things like . . . BOBBIN THREAD BREAKAGE!!!!!!  Yes, it's true.  You could have mess on your hands.  But really, isn't that a small risk compared to how fulfilling it it would be to cut down your bobbin-re-threading-time to LESS THAN A MINTUTE?  You be the judge. 


  1. I will absolutely be doing this next time!! I had to laugh because I HATE to refill my bobbin in the middle!!

  2. Awww, Melissa, you're my kind of girl!

  3. lol! I always use the word sewist. I would hate to be associated with the mutant turtles.


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