Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Craft Cave

Many crafters out there have jokingly called themselves Craft Divas, Craftaholics, etc. What I call myself is nothing so glamorous. I'm a Craft Mole. I craft underground far from the light of day. Down the steep steps to my basement and around the corner lies my Craft Cave. It began existence as our guest room, but my crafting has taken over. The cave is cold, dark, and smells faintly of mothballs.

You can see the little curtain at the top of this pic.  That is my cave's only window.  At about 10' x 20" and located in a recessed window well, it doesn't let in a lot of sunlight. 

Here's a look at the opposite wall.  This pic is a bit old.  The stacked cardboard boxes have been replaced by actual heavy duty shelves. 

Yes, there is a bed in here!  I promise to remove all the stick pins before you spend the night!

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