Monday, September 5, 2011

Shopping Bags I've Sewn...

I have made a ton of these lined shopping bags. I originally saw this pattern on You can find it here. Being new at sewing, the instructions were intimidating at first. But once you get the hang of it, you'll love it. It is so clean and neat to have all the raw edges hidden. The bag is reversible so you can really play around with pockets and patch-working to create a lot of different looks in one bag. I also had fun upcycling things around my house to make these.

Some people, myself included, spend a fair amount of their online time on facebook. While you are there, please check out my Ricochet facebook page. You can peruse my albums and look at nearly every bag I've ever sewn.

I also have a profile set up at burdastyle. If you're not familiar with Burdastyle, it is a German fashion and sewing magazine. The website offers many free or inexpensive downloadable patterns. People from all over the world have set up personal profiles where they can showcase their latest projects, post tutorials, and get feedback. I use it as a testing ground for my new ideas. If I get a lot of feedback from a project, I can guess it is a universally sound design. So please take a peak at my burdastyle profile as well.

If you would please check the Retro Pillow Challenge that I am co-hosting with Keren from sew la vie, I would be so grateful!  It is really coming together and I am enjoying what all the participants (from all over the world!) are bringing to the table.  Press this button and visit our homepage:

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana!


  1. This is what you were talking?! It looks really nice. That one made of shower curtain... lol -you're my kind of girl!

  2. I think these bags are great! You did a wonderful job. I think I may have to give it a try!

  3. Those bags are fabulous! Love that the design is such that you can repurpose all kinds of fabric into a handy, stylish new shopping bag!

  4. You are one of the most creative souls in all of blogland! I love everything you make....and I love that you made shopping bags from your shower curtain!!!

  5. Every one piece is terrific. Particularly the one of pillow sham.
    Ricochet, you asked about my nuno felt top. Well, I made the top myself with the skill of nuno felt, i.e. putting some wool on a pure silk chiffon. Made it with a needle or sewing. It's seamless - one piece.

  6. The upcycled shower curtain and tablecloth are my favourites. It looks like a quick and easy bag to sew. I like it.

  7. wow, you've made so many! I love your up-cycling! How clever :-) I wonder if there's a way to reverse this bag through the bottom of the lining? I bet there is.

  8. I love those bags!!!! Just the fact that you can make them from anything... Thats my kind of bag!


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