Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Weekend

My cousin got hitched last weekend and it was a grand time!

Sarah and Jen are twins with big sister, Krystal.
Aren't they absolutely lovely?

This was a fishing themed wedding.  Yes, fishing!  The bride and groom are avid fisher persons and lovers of all outdoor sports and pastimes.  Check out the centerpieces.  A fishing bobber holding a photo of the couple suspended in water. 

Jen asked me to sew some little bags for the bridal party and I initially came up with this:

find the tutorial here

However, I changed my mind.  I wanted to play off the fishing theme as well.  How often does one get the chance to make fish purses?  Not often enough, I say!  So this is what I came up with instead:

It's a simple lined pouch with a zipper down the spine.  The little strap is attached to the zipper pull.  The fabric is a crushed velvet with a bit of embroidery and fish-scale-like clear sequins. 

The total bummer about these little purses is that I forgot to take pics of them.  I had big plans to string them all (seven in total) up across my fence and take a "group" photo.  But, I sent them off before I could do that.  Still kicking myself! 

Then, I thought that maybe I could get a pic of all the bridesmaids holding their fish purses.  Well, honestly, I couldn't bring myself to ask them.  They were busy with all the professional photos before the wedding and busy with all the reception stuff after the wedding.  Everyone was asking them to take this photo and that photo, to dance with this uncle and that cousin.  I didn't want to add to their duties.  So, lesson learned.  :(  Next time I won't forget!

Cousin Jen had her wedding on Friday, and the next day my cousin Larry and his new bride had a reception (they were married in Las Vegas).  Yet another fun time with family!

All this talk of weddings has me thinking about me and Mr. Ricochet.  Here we are on our way to go out and listen to some jazz.  This photo was taken 10 years after the day we met.

Happy crafty and big hugs from Montana!


  1. I can feel the happy moments of the newly weds. So sweet ! Your idea of making the purse is very lovely.

  2. What a fantastic and beautiful wedding. So love the centre piece idea. Your bags are wonderful and how clever to follow the theme. Congrats to you and hubby too.

  3. What a GORGEOUS group wedding photo and that fish purse is too cute!!

  4. I love Sept. weddings (mine was too) and these are beautiful! The fish purse is perfect, classy for a wedding but it's a fish! Love it!

  5. Love the crushed velvet and such a beautiful colour. Great idea to do the bag in a fish shape.

  6. Cute bag and beautiful wedding pics. Weddings are so fun!


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