Friday, July 20, 2012

Mullet Mats: my 2-in-1 Challenge entry

Believe it or not, mullets were really cool.  Seriously.  All the popular boys had mullets.  All of my favorite celebrities had mullets.  If there was boy I had a crush on during my teen years, I can guarantee you he had a mullet.  Only we didn't call them mullets back then.  It was just cool hair.  Look how sexy these guys were:

Later, when the world decided mullets were no longer cool, we began to poke fun at the ol' 'do:

What I love best about the mullet is what it stood for:  
Business up front and party in the back!!!!!
Who couldn't embrace that philosophy?  

For July's sewing challenge I asked the participants to sew something that had multiple looks or purposes.
I called it the 2-in-1 Challenge, and you can check out our homepage here:
2-in-1 Challenge Homepage
My goal was to create reversible place mats.  One side would be pretty and on display most of the time.  The other side would be plainer and stain-resistant and used during meal times.  That is  kind of like business up front and party in the back, right?  Turns out that in the midst of my place mat making venture, we had some family (Mr. Ricochet's cousin and her husband) from out of state come visit us.  They live full time in a RV, touring the US.  We had a blast visiting and touring around town with them.  I decided to make 2 extra place mats as a parting gift.  

  1. I started with some printed duck canvas...
  2. ...which I cut into squares..
  3. ...and trimmed in another print.  Then I framed it in cream and cut off the corners.
  4. I finished the corners with some scraps of the duck canvas and added 4 right triangles to each of the sides.  The result:  a cock-eyed window pane set in a square.
  5. I decided to use denim for the backing.  I traced Montana onto some freezer paper and ironed it onto the denim.  
  6. I stitched a tight, wide zig-zag over the tracing.  The paper just tore away when I was done.
  7. I added a little silver heart-shaped stud to mark where we live in Montana. I used a very thin batting and quilted through the mat.  I trimmed it up and finished the edges with bias tape.  Here's a look at the finished back.
  8. Here's the finished front.
For full time RV-ers like our cousins, space is at a premium in their little house on wheels.   The place mats won't take up a lot of space and can also be used as hot pads or for packing fragile items while traveling.  They'd work good inserted between a tush and a cold, concrete picnic bench  common to roadside rest stops.  They'd be pretty under a lamp or a plant as well.

So you can see my Mullet Mats have more than one look AND multiple purposes as well.  What do you think?  Ever have a crush on a Mullet Man?  Ever watch Joe Dirt?  Ever sew a place mat?

Thanks for taking the time to peruse my little blog.  Double thanks to all my new follows.  You rock!

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,
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  1. Haha, those photos really take me back, much sexier than the shaved allover look! Your placemats are great, so versatile too.

  2. I loved those hair styles... still do. Your placemats would have so many uses in an RV. They look great...

  3. Apt for the 2 in 1 challenge :)Today is ideal for me start sewing my entry for the contest.

  4. These are great!
    Placemats and those seriously good-looking guys!


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