Friday, January 4, 2013

Conquering my Fear of Tights and Leggings

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Every woman has body issues.  I know I'm not alone.  My biggest body peeve is my legs.  I'm really pear-shaped, carrying most of my excess body weight between my naval and knees.  I'm predisposed to varicose and spider veins that show up brilliantly on my pale skin as well.  Needless to say, I rarely wear shorts in public, and never short skirts or skinny jeans.

When I was offered free pairs of No nonsense tights and leggings, I was dubious as to whether I'd get any use out them.  Why would a gal who wears capris all summer and pants all winter ever need tights or leggings?  Then I think to the side of my closet housing my meager collection of long skirts and dresses that I rarely ever wear.  Maybe some tights or leggings are just what I need to bring a couple more outfits into my wearable rotation.  Maybe.

I received some basic black leggings and a pair of burgundy tights with a subtle pattern.  I had no choice in the colors, so I felt rather fortunate I didn't get the red leggings or the yellow tights.  Lucky me!  

The leggings fit well and were very comfortable to wear.  They were thankfully opaque--not remotely resembling the footless tights I see some ladies wearing.  This is the outfit I came up with for the leggings:

The tights were very easy to slide on, fit great, and I loved the subtle pattern on them.  I've never worn anything like them and am pleasantly surprised at how feminine they make me feel.  This is the outfit I come up with for the tights:

No nonsense tights and leggings are super cheap, high quality, and can be found at all the department stores as well as food and drug stores.  Style icon, Jill Martin, has partnered with No nonsense and tells about her love of No nonsense tights in this one minute video:

Jill Martin literally wrote the book on fashion for the everyday woman: "I Have Nothing to Wear!" was co-authored by Martin and was on the NY Times bestsellers list.  She looks familiar too, right?  She's the Emmy-winning NY Correspondent for Access Hollywood, so that's where you've likely seen her before.  I love how she calls the colored tights "lipstick for your legs"!!!  

In the video, none of the tights are patterned.  My pair of tights look like this close-up:

The diamond crosshatching pattern is a cool effect.  It gives your legs some curvy dimension like fishnet stockings do, but without the vampy-sexy effect.  

You can find No nonsense on Facebook and like their page.  It's a great place to see all the colors and styles available.  It's worth checking out to see the latest giveaways and coupons.  The No nonsense twitter page will keep you up to date on fashion trends and special offers as well.  

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  1. Hi Rikka, thanks for all this information, I also have varicose veins in the legs and rarely someone will see me in shorts. I'm going to visit the link you recommend us, thanks!!

  2. Hi Rikka,

    Wow, you look amazing! I think you are beautiful. Thanks for the leggings review. I recently renewed my wardrobe - bought a nice pair of jeans, a dress, a tunic (supposedly a dress, but too short for my taste!), two pairs of boots, and several nice feminine shirts. I was planning on hunting for tights that could be worn with a tunic. Maybe "No Nonsense" deliver internationally? I will check!! :-)

    I miss chatting with you and I miss my sewing days... But I will surely get back to it in a few months' time once I move into my apartment!

    Love, K

  3. The leggings seems ok, but I inform you there is a cream that covers the veins (as make up)... I'me sending you a link (sorry it is in Spanish)
    Xoxo, Mª José


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