Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Interpretation of Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag

Amy Butler (look her up, she's an awesome fabric and pattern designer)  wrote a book called Style Stitches that I recently purchased.  I took her Cosmo Bag and removed the pleats and added the petals from her Take Flight Handbag.  I redid all the interior pockets and added a removable extra long strap. 

I couldn't decide if I liked the petals on the top or bottom of the bag, so I did each side differently.  The fabrics I used were denim and canvas with the bandanna print bias tape, and I used my son's old bed sheet to line the interior.  All of the hardware came from old purses.

This bag is going to a lovely lady who is expecting her first baby in the fall.  She is going to use it as a diaper bag.  I'll make her a little changing pad and a zippered pouch to go with it.  I think it's stylish enough that she can use it long after the baby has grown.  Don't you think it would make a cute beach bag, or a tote to carry all your produce from the farmer's market?


  1. These are my colours, Rikka!!! Love, love, love the way you've co-ordinated the colours!!! It's a great shaped bag, but it's how you've matched the fabric that makes it stunning!!! AWESOME!!!

  2. Found your post through Threading My Way linky, love how you have put two of the Style Stitches patterns together, great bag!


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