Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vote for your Favorite Retro Pillow!

Are you here to vote for your favorite retro pillow?  Scroll down past these lovely photos and you'll find the ballot.  Voting begins October 1st.  Anyone may cast one vote per day until October 31st.  

I can't tell you how much Keren from sew la vie and I have enjoyed organizing the Retro Pillow Challenge.  It was a lot of hard work for two beginning bloggers living on different continents, but we pulled it off, didn't we?  You can learn more about our partnership here.  The most amazing part for me was how differently each participant tackled the challenge.  Just look at all these amazing pillows!  Be sure to click on the link under each photo to find out more about how the pillow was created and to see more photos.  

[learn more about Adrianne's pillow]
[learn more about Becky's pillow}
[learn more about June's pillow]
[learn more about Kadie's pillow]
[learn more about Kasia's pillow]
[learn more about Kate's pillow]
[learn more about Keren's pillow]
[learn more about Lakshmi's pillow]
[learn more about Pam's pillow]
[learn more about Rikka's pillow]
[learn more about Amy's pillow]

[learn more about Emily's pillow]

Gorgeous, aren't they?  The winner will receive bragging rights and super cool badge.  Remember, one vote per day during the entire month of October.

vote for your favorite pillow

After you vote, head on over and sign up for our next sewing challenge:


  1. FANTASTIC PILLOWS! Great work everyone - particularly Rikka and Keren for organising it all! I'll be back tomorrow to vote and have a look at the links some more!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Wow- Great pillows everyone! I can't wait to read the detailed blog posts about your techniques! I have a LOT to learn :)

  3. Oh they are so gorgeous all lined up! Thank you so much for being a wonderful hostess.

  4. wow! 3 cheers to all the participants and special cheers to the organizers! well done gals!

  5. I see this post is on CraftGossip! Yay!
    I just turned on the voting. It's a half hour early, but I can't stay up 'til midnight. What a lovely collection of pillows! I can't believe how much I've learned and how inspired I've been to step outside my box and try something new. Thanks to all of the participants!
    Good Luck,
    Rikka J.

  6. This is fantastic Rikka!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You and Karen really have gone above and beyond getting all of this together!

  7. Thanks again for hosting the challenge, it was definitely fun!

  8. This was definitely a great challenge! Everyone did such a great job and I personally had lots of fun. Thank u so much for hosting

  9. Thank you Rikka! Everyone's projects look fantastic!

  10. oh your pillows came out so wonderful!

  11. Just a little FYI from one of the hostesses: As of today, Oct 14, there have been 317 votes cast. There are still 2 more weeks to go so keep on voting!!!!!

    Good Luck!
    Rikka J.

  12. Great job to all contestants. Good luck!

  13. As of today (Oct 28th) there have been over 470 votes cast! I made the spiffy new badges for the winner(s) yesterday, and boy oh boy are they ever nifty! Good luck and thanks to all the participants for their hard work! Hugs!


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