Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pull-thru Scarf

Hello my lovely readers!
My current sewing challenge is the "Ring Your Neck" Scarf-Making Challenge.  You can sign up now if you think you can make a scarf by the end of November.  Anyone can join in!  If you look at my right sidebar, you'll see the list of all the challenge participants that have blogs or websites.  I encourage you to visit them and see what their recent projects.

This is the previous scarf I made:
You can find the tutorial for this one HERE.
This pull-thru scarf just sort of came together and evolved on it's own after I bought this remnant at JoAnn's:
It's cute, right?  I loved the fall colors, the whimsy, the size of the pattern...
I wasn't planning on making a scarf out of it, but I am so
pleased with how it turned out!
  •  The remnant (home decor canvas) I bought was 45" wide and 15" long.  So I cut it in half giving me a 7.5" X 45" rectangle of fabric with selvage on each end.  
  • From my stash I found a velvety upholstery fabric in a burnt orange that matched perfectly.  It also happened to be 45" wide, so I cut 7.5" from it as well.
  • I cut off a rounded corner from each end as shown in the diagram below.  *note: I had to pay attention to the direction of the pattern on my outer fabric so it wouldn't be upside down when I wore the scarf.

  • I pinned the outer and lining fabrics, right sides together, and stitched all the way around the perimeter leaving a small opening for turning right side out.
  • I trimmed the corners, used pinking shears on the curves, and pulled the scarf right-side-out through the opening.  

  • I ironed and top stitched the edges, effectively closing the opening I left in the side seam.
  • I took the corner scraps from the lining fabric and placed them right sides together.
  • I machine stitched a leaf shape into the fabric and cut it out with pinking shears.  
  • Here's some pics of my leaf:

  • I made a tab out of a scrap of bias tape by pressing under the ends and stitching around the outside edges.  
  • After some experimenting and adjusting in front of the mirror, I pinned the tab on the scarf and stitched a little square to hold down each end.
  • Then I hand stitched the leaf to the tab:
  • And here's a close up of the finished project:

Having no dressform or photographer, I took some photos via the bathroom mirror.  

Here's a look at the scarf reversed and pinned with a crocheted flower brooch.
I like it this way too:

I also liked this look where I pulled it tighter and flipped one end over my shoulder:

A big part of this scarf-making challenge is to try something new. 
I'm not feeling like I met that requirement for this scarf.
I have something pretty tricky planned for my next scarf.  Fingers crossed I can pull it off.

If you think you can make a scarf by Nov. 30th, 
please fill out the sign-up form on the "Ring Your Neck" Challenge Homepage.  

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,
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  1. Very nice and pretty with autumal tone. Love the two-side idea to go with different dressing.

  2. This turned out great. I really like the leaf detail.

  3. It looks great Rikka, I love the fact that it is reversible too.


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