Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pri's Curved Seams Challenge entry!

Guess who signed up for my Curved Seams Challenge on January 29th and finished the next day?
Pri from Sri Lanka!!!!
Congrats on meeting the challenge!!!

Pri doesn't have blog, so I'm happy to host her project today.  
I'll give you some quotes from her email to me:
I was so excited with the curved challenge & as you'll see burned the midnight oil to complete just one cushion cover. My intention is to do 2 for my sister whose color scheme is green."
"I'm really thrilled I was able to do those curves & get my circle ( it wasn't easy, much unpicking :)  ) .  'Cos I was so pressed for time I think  it all became really hard.  I added the trim but also hope to add some sequins as the dull green needs some bling but I just don't have time to do it for the challenge."
 Many kudos to Pri who stuck with the challenge even when time was short and the going got tough.  I applaud your effort and commitment!  I also love your cushion.  Those curved seams are tricky and to try a new technique and finish a project all in one day is quite an acomplishment!  Thanks so much for giving it go and I hope you won't be a stranger.  Go-getters like yourself are very inspirational for procrastinators like myself.  Here's another pic of your lovely cushion:

Click this button to learn more about this challenge:
Curved Seams Challenge Homepage



  1. Curves in a day, that is fast! Congrats Pri on a super speedy finish.

  2. Great going, Pri, starting and finishing in one day!!! Everything lines up beautifully.

  3. A gorgeous pillow - well done Pri!!
    This year I'm going to make the time to join in another of your fabulous challenges Rikka!!

  4. Pri, this cushion is beautiful, I love the combination of colors and the design.
    A beautiful project to participate to the challenge, well done!


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