Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy about Owls!

Ricochet's Owl Purse I
Ricochet's Owl Purse II
Ricochet's Owl Purse III

Ricochet's Owl Purse IV
Why is the craft world so crazy about owls now?  I jumped on the band wagon and designed 4 Owl Purses myself, but why?  For me, it's the mysteriousness, and almost human-like faces of owls that draws me to them.  But really, there is practically an owl movement going on in the craft world.  So, what's the big deal and what's so cool about owls? 

In books and movies, owls are often depicted as "wise ol' owls" or the scary nocturnal predators.

In nature, they are predators, eating cute little mice and coughing up disgusting "pellets".
Bubo from Clash of the Titans
is a favorite!
How many licks?

His name was Woodsy?

Remember the owl from The Secret of NIMH?
Remember Merlin's Archimedes
from the Sword in the Stone?
Remember the "smart" owl from Winnie the Pooh?

He wasn't in a movie, but Orly is famous in Internet chatrooms.

Apparently, there are mariachi owls in Rango.

There was an owl in Bambi, right?

What about Hedwig?

          Ok?  Well, what happens when I search Google Images for "owl purses'?

Wow, right?  And those were just the ones where the whole bag was the body of the owl.  I told myself that I only needed 15 images of owl purses for this post and I swear I had nearly 50 that I really liked.  It was hard to narrow it down.  There's a lot owl cuteness out there.
So, now you can choose to navigate away from this page, because if you think you've seen too many owls, it's about to get super owl freaky.  I just can't stop myself!  check out some of the more obscure owl-related items I found images of.

Love how silly AND creepy this photo is!

You can just tell
how much she loves this hat!

I guess stuffed owls like to hang out in groups.

Is it just me,
or is this totally creepy?

Umm, well, . . .
nice hooters, eh?

you have to look real close
to see the owl feathers. . .

A great way to end this post!


  1. Let me know what you think about all this owl madness!

  2. You're GREAT collector. All are cool and inspiring. Love reading your blog with creativity. Now following you too.
    I'm from Hong Kong

  3. Your owl purses are too cute! I totally don't understand the owl madness either but as long as they aren't painted on the seat of someones pants I think they're pretty cute :)


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