Friday, July 15, 2011

My First Ever Feature!

Pumpkin blossom from my garden.
Isn't that the most gorgeous
shade of orange?
The story goes like this:

One day I was looking at Craft Gossip, like I do EVERY day because I love that site!  Ever on the lookout for anything to do with purses, I spotted a tutorial for creating a summer clutch.  The tutorial is on Scissors & Spatulas and it is called Every Girl Needs a  Cute Summer Clutch

Modge Podging fabric onto an existing clutch?  Wow!  I was sold!  I needed to try it.  I needed to document my crafty journey.  So I tried it and took a lot of pics.  I formed my own version of the original tutorial citing Scissors & Spatulas as the inspiration.  Much like one band will "cover" a famous song, I attempted to "cover" a tutorial. 

The next thing that happened was I left a comment on Scissor & Spatulas' tute saying that I made my own version of the tute and cited and linked back to the original.  I got a response email from the blogger, Jen, thanking me for featuring her.  (Funny, cuz I didn't even know what "featuring" meant, much less do it intentionally!)  So Jen looked at my version, said she liked it, and said she would feature it on her "Feature you Friday" post.  So, I looked at her Friday posts and saw exactly what featuring is.  It is pretty darn cool.  Really. 

So, here it is 12:54 AM on Friday morning and I am still up.  Forgive any typos, please, I'm barely functioning, I am so tired.  I've been revamping my blog all day.  I even made my own menu bar.  HTML is seriously tricky, but I am figuring it out.

So, please, my faithful readers and followers, go give Jen at Scissors & Spatulas some love.  Her blog is very beautiful.  Her pictures are gorgeous.  Her craftiness is not easily surpassed (certainly not by me!).  Her attention to detail in this blogging business sets her apart--so please check her out!

I am certainly excited and eager to grab my first "featured at ____" button!

Now, off to bed for me!


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