Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vote: 2-in-1 Sewing Challenge

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Hosting a sewing challenge in July ended up being tougher than I ever imagined.  July was a super busy month for our household.  We had BBQs, family reunions, camping trips, overnight guests, scout camp, swimming lessons, day camp, vacation and much more!  That left little time for blogging and even less time for sewing.  I'm sure all of you out there in blogland were feeling the crunch as well because participation was a bit low for this challenge and we have a mere 5 entries to vote on.

However, the 5 entries we have to choose from are exceptional and creative and super clever.  Check them out and be sure to follow their links to see more pictures and read about how they were created.

The poll is at the bottom of this post.  Pick your top 3 entries and press the vote button.  Anyone can vote once per day.  The winners will receive fancy-schmancy buttons and bragging rights.  Good luck to all the participants!

Gia from Greece
Gia blogged about her reversible bucket bag HERE.

Kadie from Texas
Kadie blogged about her double-sided pillow HERE.
Pam from Australia
Pam blogged about her pillow with a pocket HERE.
Diya from India
Diya blogged about her mug rugs to pot holders HERE.

Kat from Oregon
Kat blogged about her reversible baby dress HERE.

Rikka from Montana
Challenge Hostess
I blogged about my reversible placemats HERE.

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Super huge thanks and hugs are due to all the participants, all the looky-lous, and everyone who promoted this sewing challenge.  You all make it so fun and inspirational and easy to make these challenges happen.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Happy crafting and more big hugs from Montana,
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  1. Thanks for a fabulous challenge, Rikka!!!

  2. Wow they are all so awesome, great job ladies!!!

  3. Wow I totally inspired : ) These ladies are really creative!!!


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