Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg-Kabobs:a new way to color eggs

Today is our first day of Spring Break!  Today I feel blessed because I'm a SAHM!  If I were working, my kids would be in daycare right now.  Instead, we spent the whole morning having FUN!

Traditionally, we have used the tried and true egg dying kits with the little dye pills and the vinegar.  But this year we really stepped outside our boxes and tried something completely different.  The first major change we made was to blow out the eggs rather than hard boiling them.  The hard boiled eggs never get eaten anyway.  The empty egg shells are fragile, but we aren't hiding these eggs out in the garden.  We are going to decorate the house with them.  If we're careful, we will be able to keep them forever and add to our collection every year.

Here's how easy it is to blow the insides out of an egg:

  1. Take a safety pin (or a sturdy needle) and poke a hole in the top and bottom points of the each egg.  Chip away at the edges of the holes with the pin to widen the openings.  A 1/8 inch diameter is ideal.
  2. Leaning over a cup or bowl, blow in one hole and the egg will come the other side.  (We're eating quiche tonight for supper!  No waste!)

I took some bamboo skewers through the eggs to make the eggs easier to paint.  I cut some holes in cardboard boxes to set the eggs over for painting.  I got the skewer idea from The Creative Salad.

I squeezed out some acrylic craft paint and the kiddos went to town.  After the paint dried, we painted on a few layers of glitter Mod Podge.  This worked out so much better than real glitter.  The Mod Podge helped strengthen the shells and seal up any cracks that occurred during handling.

See how pretty they turned out!

These photos do not do the eggs justice!  I no photographer so you'll just have to trust me that the finished product is 100 times better than the photos.  The glitter is not just silver--it's holographic.  You can see a rainbow of sparkles as you turn the egg in your hand.  

The eggs are still drying, but we plan to slide them off the skewers and hang them on our Easter tree.

 And what do you do with a box with a hole cut in it?  
Make a rubber band guitar, that's what!

My son is a total ham! 

please don't "pin" this photo!

So that's what we did today!  What did you all do?

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,

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