Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prepping for warmer weather

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Now that Spring has sprung, I'm thinking about warm weather activities and events.  The time for backyard BBQs, wedding showers, and farmer's markets will soon be upon us.  For myself, that means it's time to start prepping my freakishly white legs for the public!

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I am fair skinned and freckly and for many years my relationship with the sun has been a cycle of burn-blister-peel-freckle-repeat.  Eventually I wised up and haven't subjected myself to a bad sunburn in several years.  (knock on wood!)  Considering my complexion and genetic predisposition to skin cancer, tanning never really was in the cards for me.

However, my legs in their natural state look much like a road map.  Many years of standing on concrete, having children, and genetics have left me with significant spider and varicose veins.  Being so fair complected really accentuates those veins.  And so I entered the world of sunless tanning lotions.

Years ago, sunless tanning products were very expensive and not so good.  Often I'd pay over $15 to have rusty colored streaks on my legs and dirty-looking knees.  Not anymore.  Now there are lots of options available at your local drug store and most of them are very good if used correctly.

Self-tanning Lotion Must-dos:
  1. Exfoliate.  
  2. Avoid ankles, heels, and knees.  
  3. Wash hands after application.  (don't forget under your rings!)
  4. Keep up with your self-tanning routine.

As long as I follow those four steps, I'm happy with the results.  I've been using Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for a few years now, and am hooked.  What are your favorite brands of self-tanning lotions?  Do you use any other warmer weather beauty products that you would like to recommend?

Happy Spring from Montana,

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