Monday, April 16, 2012

Pants to Shorts Refashion

I have been in a I-can't-believe-how-fast-my-kids-go-through-clothes state of shock these past few weeks.  Summer is approaching, and my kids grew like weeds over the school year.  They are not going to be able to wear very many clothes from last summer.  I've been patching jeans like crazy.  The jeans that are getting too short, I'm converting into capris and shorts.  

I wanted to create some shorts for my daughter that were a little fancier than your average cut-offs.  I was thinking about trying some applique or free motion stitching, but couldn't get inspired.  I had a pack of adhesive stencils sitting on my desk just crying out be utilized, so decided to give 'em a try.  The end product turned out to be much more complicated than I first anticipated, but I had so much fun "playing" that it was like I didn't want the project to end.  Has that ever happened to you?

Check out my latest jeans to shorts conversion:

I added some detail with a fine point sharpie, a totally unnecessary step. 

4 Easy steps:
  1. Cut off pants legs and finish with bias tape.  You can find a good bias tape how-to HERE.
  2. Get a hold of some stencils and paint.  I was very happy with Martha Stewart's adhesive stencil set and multi purpose craft paint.   (The adhesive stencils are the bomb!  I am stoked to get my hands on some more!  Freezer paper stencils would be a great choice as well.  Any acrylic or fabric paint will work.)  
  3. Plan out your design and paint away! (two coats work best)
  4. Let it dry and heat set with your iron. (30 seconds on cotton setting.) 

Yes, I know this is sideways.  Help!

The photo above gives you an idea of how worn the original jeans were.  I didn't really have a plan, I just painted a bit and thought about what to do next while it dried.  Then, I would paint a bit more and plan a bit more.  These shorts will suffice for all the hiking and camping we have planned for the summer.

If you all are reading this during April 2012, please vote for your favorite Typography Challenge project:
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I'm curious to hear your comments.  What do you think you could do with clothing upgrade idea?

Happy crafting and big hug from Montana,
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