Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scarves with cut-outs

I am hosting a scarf challenge through out Nov. 2012.  If you're interested in joining the challenge you can read the guidelines and sign up HERE.  Anyone is welcome and you have until the end of November to make a scarf.
Here are some super fly cut-out scarves that I am so wanting to tackle:
Better grab a tissue to catch the drool!
Just a reminder to please not "pin" from this post, but rather from the original source--thanks!

Short Gray Scarf and Red Brooch
I found this cool scarf at
eninaj's etsy shop.
It's a no-sew scarf made from a knit.
Crochet Art scarf Gray /Grey / Silver wool lace floral
I'm not allowing crochet in the Ring Your Neck  Challenge,
but this crocheted scarf by VitalTemptation has really
inspired me.  I'd like to try cutting out a lacy pattern from some felted wool
or maybe some leather???  Not sure yet, but I'm working on it!
[source at etsy]
Merino Scarf in Seaweed Yellow Green, naturally dyed, Living Sea
This is a handmade merino wool scarf by red2white etsy shop.
I think you could cut out some high-quality felt and get
a similar effect.  Imagine it in a blue with thin rectangle cut-outs....
[source at etsy]
This is an Ultrasuede laser-cut scarf by a Hong Kong
design company called Little Factory Studio.
This wet-felted nuno scarf with the silk stitching is
Maybe I could try some FMQ on some felt and
with a little trimming get the same effect???
Jill from Lune guest posted this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.
It's a jersey scarf, but not the loopy/stringy ones you
see everywhere.  I like it!
[source and tutorial]

Are you inspired???  I know I am!  Which one is your favorite?

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,


  1. Hi Rikka, thanks so much for the inspiration, all these scarves are beautiful! Surely I will participate in this challenge, but before signing up, I want to be sure that I will have time to create something original.
    All these photos you've uploaded here have given me a huge inspiration, thank you!

    1. Hi Marisa! You're welcome for the the inspiration! Fingers crossed you have time to make a scarf. :)

  2. I like the first one . Red and grey combi is nice. These scarves look great. But I tink it doesnt suit my dressing style. I am planning to give it a go by participating and making smething which will suit my style, though it is a normal scarf pattern.Wat say!?;)

    1. Diya, by all means please make a scarf you'll surely wear! I'm posting lots more inspiration pages like this, so stay tuned! One post is about screen printing and fabric painting... The challenge is to try something new, not make a time-consuming masterpiece that will never get worn. I'm excited to see what you come up with! :)


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