Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scarves with patchwork and quilting

Here's a great roundup of creative and beautiful scarves. 
I love the idea of wrapping one of these around my neck! 

The "Versatile and Vervy Half-Moon Quilted Scarf"
by Michele Made Me has so many beuatiful details
of quilting, patchwork and embroidery.
[source and tutorial]

Quilted Fleece Scarf
The quilting on this fleece scarf by lmkquilts' etsy shop
is just fabulous!  What a classy detail to add to a plain
fleece scarf!
Now here's a yarn scarf with no knitting or crocheting!  The yarn was
gathered and stitched through back and forth a bunch of times.
I found thiscreative gem at katy did's blog.

Quilted Patchwork Men's Scarf with Black Fleece Lining
Another scarf I found on etsy at kyebags' shop.
I love the whole thing from the fabrics to the
simple quilting.  But sadly, my husband said he
wouldn't wear it. :(  I'll have to come up with a
feminine version for myself!

Look! A rag quilt scarf!  Brilliant!
I found this at Jubilee Homespun along with a
ton of more project ideas.
[source and tutorial]

Do you have leftover minky fabric from all those baby blankets
you've been making?  Well here's a good way to use them up!
Megan from The Homes I Have Made
crafted this scarf from a pattern.
Love the pom-pom trim too!

Emily from Today's Mama posted this fab
tutorial on how to create this fun scarf.
I want one!
[source and tutorial]
Cathe form Just Something I Made gives a great tutorial
on making these upcycled t-shirt scarves.  I think I know
some kids who might like one of these....
[source and tutorial]
There are a ton more patchwork scarves that I could share, but you'll find most of them on the "Ring Your Neck" Pinterest board HERE.  I love quilting, but I'm not so fond of all the time it takes to finish a big ol' quilt.  These scarves are perfect ways to use up scraps and finish a project in an afternoon.

I hope you are inspired to make a scarf for the Ring Your Neck Scarf Making Challenge!
Visit the homepage HERE for more info.

OK, now which one is your favorite?

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,

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  1. Great selection of unusual scarves there Rikka! I love that rag one! With hot summer days here in Cairns now - I'll save these ideas for next winter!!


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