Monday, October 15, 2012

"Ring Your Neck" Scarf Challenge, Nov. 2012

Do you like to sew?
Are you obsessed with fabric?
Would you like to meet lots of creative folks like yourself?
Are you looking for some inspiration?
Are you ready to inspire others?
Do you appreciate a good challenge?
Is there a technique you've always wanted to try?
Are you more apt to complete a project if you have a deadline?
Are you ready for some football?
That last question was just a joke.
If you're nodding your head to most of these questions, 
then this challenge is exactly what you've been waiting for!!!  
Come join in the fun!

November is a busy month for many people around the world.  Lots of time is spent prepping for various holidays and occasions.  New sports and extracurricular activities are in full swing with our children.  For those in the north, it's a time for canning veggies and jam, and pulling out the warm coats and snow boots.  In the south, it's time to plant gardens, plan trips to the shore, and place all the jackets and mittens in storage.   So for this challenge I wanted to do something relatively fast and easy: scarves!

I love scarves!  (I hope you do too!)  There are scarves for every season, every occasion, every age.  There are scarves for boys and girls, for warmth and fashion, for making a statement or hiding a flaw.  Plus, they are easy-peasy to make and make perfect gifts for the upcoming holidays!  Are you ready for the "challenge" part?  Read the guidelines below:

All participants must make a scarf.
For the purpose of being clear, I've decided that a scarf is an accessory 
that can be wrapped around the neck and is not a necklace.  
That's a broad definition of which I hope you'll push the limits!

While crocheted and knitted scarves are wonderful,
they will not permitted as entries.
I don't want to limit your creativity so I've made a few exceptions to this rule.  
100% knitted or crocheted scarves will not be accepted as challenge entries,
 BUT 20% or less is acceptable.  
A frilly ruffle crocheted to the edge of a fabric scarf, 
for example, would be acceptable.  
Recycling sweaters is also allowed.  

Actual sewing is optional. 
I've seen lots of great no-sew scarves out there and I think they are great.  
Feel free to use glue, tie knots, make weaves, brads, safety pins, etc.  
You are only limited by your drive and imagination.

Fabric is also optional.  
Vinyl, leather, beads, recycled sweaters, grocery bags, shoe laces, zippers, etc. 
Be creative!

You must try something new when making your scarf
and be specific about what you tried.  
This could be a simple as using a rotary cutter for the first time 
or as complicated as embroidering a self-portrait.  
This wouldn't be a true challenge unless you truly challenged yourself to try something new.  
So don't be afraid to stick your neck out there and take a stab at something daring, 
something you've always admired but never dreamed of attempting.  
This is your chance!!!!

From now to Nov. 30th, 2012:
You have all this time to fill out the form below, join the discussion group, and make a scarf.

December 1-31st, 2012:
We will be voting via Polldaddy poll for our favorite entries.

Within the first week of January, 2013:
Winners of the poll with be announced and winners will be rewarded with 
bragging rights and snazzy buttons for their blogs.

Go to my FAQs page HERE.

I have created a Pinterest board just for this challenge.

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    1. I'm always admiring the array of scarves my daughter has. Time for me to make one of my own. Count me in, Rikka. Details as per Fab Folds.

    2. This looks like fun! I'll join if i can think of something new to try!

    3. Oh, I wish my November wasn't so packed!! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!:)

    4. I need a little clarification please. I may have stumbled through the wrong cyber door. If so, please send me on my way. Must one have a blog to enter the challenge? I do not have a blog that I could post the button on or sharing my bragging rights, but the challenge sounds like a lot of fun.

      1. Please join us! Fill out the sign up form as best you can. No blog necessary.

    5. While scarves are not really needed for warmth here in Tucson, I hope this challenge will help me knock of a Christmas gift or two for family who does live where it is cold and at the same time I can learn something new during the busiest time of the year!

    6. just checking to see if my info for the scarf challenge went through

      1. I transferred your info from the garment sewing challenge. Let me know if everything looks OK. Great to have you back for another challenge!

    7. looks good Ricichet! thanks! I filled out the sign up form, did it not go through?

    8. What a wonderful challenge! I waited until the last minute to register because I wanted to be sure to have time to create this project. This time I'm really going out of my comfort zone, yes! I love that! Rikka, thanks for hosting this challenge, now I am going to visit the other participants. Have a nice day all of you.

    9. Thank you so much for hosting this challenge. I had a lot of fun. Being a little slow on the techy part of this, not sure where to post my blog post link. I've tried a couple of places and added the photo to pinterest. here it is here too. I hope I'm covered.;postID=4767264778360039231
      thanks again

        I think that's the link you meant. Thanks for joining us Line!


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