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Curved Seams Sewing Challenge Jan 2013

Curved seams.
I've never tried them before, but I've been wanting to ever since I first saw the popular 
drunkard's path quilt block.  Here's a beautiful example of the drunkard's path block in action:
[I found this pillow at Made On Main Street]
And here's another way to arrange the blocks:
5 x 4 Modern Bee - Block for Megan - Hive 12
[I found this block at She Can Quilt]
I'm excited and eager to add this technique to my bag of tricks.  I hope you are too!

If you're new to my sewing challenges, you can visit my challenge page and visit all my previous challenge homepages.  Basically, I provide a challenge and participants attempt to meet it.  

The focus is on:
  • committing ourselves to learn/try something new,
  • to step outside our sewing boxes, and 
  • to meet a reasonable deadline   
It's always fun and inspiring, and it's a great opportunity to meet other creative and crafty people.  After the challenge is over, we vote on the finished projects and the winners receive bragging rights and a fancy blog button.  You think this might be something you'd be interested in?  Keep reading!

Rule #1
Make a something new with curved seams and finish it by Jan . 31, 2013.

Rule #2
By curved seams, I'm referring to flat curved seams like you would see in a drunkard's path quilt block.
I presented the drunkard's path quilt block as inspiration, 
but as long as your project has one or more curved seams, it qualifies.

Rule #3
If you're already an expert on curved seams, please challenge yourself to use this technique in a new way. 
This is a great opportunity to go crazy and get really crafty--so go for it!

Now thru January 31, 2013
Time to sign fill out out the sign-up form below and finish your project.

February 1-28, 2013
Our just-for-fun poll takes place.

Mid February, 2013
A new challenge for March will be announced.

First week of March, 2013
Winners of the poll are announced and will receive bragging rights and fancy blog buttons.
Sign-up for March's challenge begins.

Visit my FAQ page HERE.

Curved Seams Challenge Homepage

Curved Seams Challenge Homepage

I like to make a Pinterest inspiration board for every challenge.
All the challenge participants can be added as contributors.  
It's an easy way to share links, techniques, and ideas.
January's challenge board:
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    Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,
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    1. Count me in, Rikka. Love that first cushion!!!

    2. I would love to participate in this challenge, too, loved the scarf challenge but I will have to wait for the next one. My family & I are getting ready for our annual trip to Hawaii & I have so much to do that I would never be able to do justice to this challenge. Good luck to all of you who do enter, I'll be looking forward to seeing what you've done. I'll see you all for the next one!

      Desert Designs

    3. I'm looking forward to it, just waiting on a special piece of my project to finish up. I'm not a quilter, per se, but I love to sew and there are definitely curved seams in there.

    4. Hi Rikka, this time I can't participate :( I have a request to make 10 totes with embroidery and I'm also trying to organize my first giveaway on my blog, I need time! I'll be enjoying all your creations and I hope to participate at your next challenge.


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