Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vote: "Ring Your Neck" Scarf Challenge

Phew! This was meant to be a quick and easy challenge, but I'm thinking most of us were feeling a bit pressure towards the end.  It is a busy time of year with the changing of seasons and the hustle-bustle of holiday preparation.  But we did it, didn't we?!!!  Congratulations to everyone who participated and met this challenge.  Big hugs to everyone who signed up!

For those of you who may be hearing about this challenge for the first time, let me give you skinny:
  • For complete guidelines visit the "Ring Your Neck" Scarf Challenge homepage.
  • Participants challenged themselves to make a scarf using a new technique/tool/pattern.
  • The deadline to complete the scarves was Nov. 30
  • Now the challenge is over, so we have a just-for-fun poll to see which scarf gets the most votes.
  • Winners receive bragging rights and a sparkly new blog button.
If you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you'll find the poll.  Anyone can vote for for their top 3 scarves once a day.  Before you vote though, you must look at all the wonderful entries.  They are all so different! Under the photos are helpful links that will tell you more about the participants and their crafty creations.  So scroll through all the entries, pick your top 3 faves and VOTE!!!
All photo credits belong to their corresponding participants.  Because I am always provided with photos of varying sizes and shapes, I make some administrative decisions like creating  photo collages or using one big photo only. My goal is to showcase each scarf in the best way I can and give each participant equal "space".  The order of entries is random.

Anshu from Blooms and Bugs made this pretty fleece scarf.
See her post and tutorial HERE.
Check out more of her projects HERE.

Palak from Make it Handmade shows all the clever ways to wear the Kita Scarf.
See her post and tutorial HERE.
Find more of her projects HERE.

Rachel and Donna from Once Upon a Sewing Machine made this hooded scarf for a special little girl.
They show you how to make it HERE.
See more of their tutorials HERE.

Linda from Desert Designs made this lovely chenille scarf.
You can find out how she made it HERE.
Visit her website HERE.

Marisa from Passion et Couture made this soft and luxurious scarf.
She provides a free tutorial HERE.
See more of her tutorials HERE and HERE.
Cameron from Homemade made this fun scarf with pom-poms.
She provides a tutorial HERE.
See more of her tutorials HERE.
Fiona from Celtic Thistle Stitches made this scarf with Celtic-style applique.
Read about her scarf HERE.
Visit her tutorial page HERE.

Ella from Throw a Wench in the Works made this lined cowl with a fun mustache.
She tells you how she made it HERE.
See her Sew Intertwined quilt HERE.

Line from Play Sculpt Live made this turquoise scarf with handmade buttons.
She blogged about her scarf HERE.
See a gallery of all her pieces HERE.

Gia from OnePerfectDay made this kerchief-sized scarf.
She made a tutorial for it HERE.
Visit her etsy shop HERE.
Signe form Skaberlyst made this wool scarf with collage-like applique.
She tells you how she made it HERE.
Visit her shop HERE.

June from I See Spotz made these button-up scarves from a sweater.
She blogged about the process HERE.
She has lots more tutorials HERE.
Diya from The Hobby Harbor made this silky green scarf.
Find out more about her entry HERE.
Find her tutorial page HERE.
Helen from Nanna's Place made this recycled sweater scarf.
She posted about it HERE.
She also writes another blog, Nanna's Raggedy's -n-Prims.

Pam from Threading My Way stepped outside her box to make this long fashion scarf.
She blogged about it HERE.
Check out more of her projects HERE.
Visit one of her ongoing linky parties HERE.

Here's a button that leads to this page so all your friends can find it easily:
Vote: Ring Your Neck Scarf Challenge

I will announce a new challenge (to take place throughout January 2013) in a couple weeks.  As always, anyone is welcome to enter-blogger or non-blogger.  Thanks to all the participants and everyone who promotes and comments and stalks my challenges.  You all make it so much fun!!!


  1. Thanks for pulling this post together, Rikka-- it must have taken forever!

  2. Thank you for this great challenge, Rikka. I loved it and look forward to the next one.

  3. Thanks for a fabulous challenge, Rikka!!!

  4. Wow, what beautiful creations! those pictures are to delight us. Rikka Thanks for hosting this new challenge and thanks to everyone for the inspiration that you provide us with your projects.

  5. What a beautiful job of presenting all the scarves you've done, Rikka. It is very encouraging to me (as one of your oldest participants, if not the oldest!) to see so many young woman interested in sewing again. Thanks again for the challenge!

  6. Great work on the scarves. I could use some of these in my wardrobe. Thanks so much for sharing all the great information.


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