Monday, March 19, 2012

100,000 Pageviews!!!

Yesterday, March 18, Ricochet and Away surpassed 100,000 pageviews!  Early in January 2011, I hit 50,000 pageviews.  That was 7 months after my first post.  Nearly 3 months have passed since then and here I am at 100,00 pageviews!  I am so surprised and baffled that this little blog has had so many look-sees in less than a year.

In the past 9 months I have:

  • made so many new blogging and crafty friends.  {HUGS!}
  • learned so much about HTML.  (thanks Keren!)
  • become totally addicted to Pinterest!
  • branched out from sewing bags and moved into quilting.  
  • co-hosted 4 sewing challenges.  
  • had my posts featured on over 18 different blogs and websites.
  • had 7 out of 35 submissions accepted on craftgawker.  (talk about frustrating!)
  • surpassed 280 likes on my facebook page.
  • surpassed 180 followers with GFC. (thank you followers!)
  • published 25 free tutorials.
  • published 114 posts.
  • accepted a partnership with Plaid to blog about their wonderful craft products.
What started out as a whim to promote my facebook page, blogging has become a rewarding hobby for me.  I love it.  I love my readers.  I can't thank you all enough for all the great information and inspiration you have given me.  
Thank you.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!  

Happy crafting and humongous hugs from Montana,
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  1. Congratulations Rikki, that is an awesome amount of page views in such a short time! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Congrats...well done & well deserved

  3. Congrats!! I'm not surprised, yours is an interesting, challenging, entertaining (vacation pics) blog.

  4. Congrats!!! Now I just wish I could sew as well as you. (My machine is still in the box. ;->)

  5. Wow congratulations! Your blog is fabulous, so it's not a surprise you're doing so well!

  6. Woo Hoo, well done Rikka!! It's obvious why, your blog is splendid x


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