Thursday, March 8, 2012

Free blog buttons, well nearly free anyway...

My new favicon

Look at all the stuff I made on!  I'll be sad when it's gone on April 19th.  Until then I'll be utilizing the heck out of it!  Normally I am a green sort of person.  If there is any choice of color I invariably choose green.  But this is a new year and it's time for me try new things.  So here I am trying red on for size!  I'm not sure how it fits, but it's new and kinda "pow!", right?

I've been wanting to make a cooler menu bar as well as those little social media buttons (facebook, twitter, etc.) for a long time.  I ended up stringing them all together in row.  I haven't seen that before, but I like the look.  It uses less vertical space as well.  Now that I have it all up and working I see I made a mistake.  The "t" icon I used to connect to my twitter is not the right font.  It looks like the tumbler "t" doesn't it?  I will eventually change it to the twitter bird icon.  For now though, I'm content to leave it be.

Besides the "red", I switched around and added many more things to this blog. I added a "challenge" button to my menu bar.  My challenge page is kinda lame at the moment, but I plan to beef it up a bit soon.  I changed the layout to include a column on each side.  That way I could keep all my ads together near the top on one side and all my favorite widgets are not shoved down towards the bottom.  Maybe you noticed the floating social media button on my left side bar?  I saw that on Donatella's blog, Inspiration & Realisation, and stole it! It's another way to conserve vertical space.  I got rid of all my gadgets at the bottom of my blog.  You never noticed they're missing?  Well, that just proves that they were superfluous.

I enjoy playing with graphics and will most likely change from this red before the year is up.  I hope to one day be proficient enough in both graphics and HTML to design and sell buttons and headers for other bloggers.  That would be fun, I think.  Until that happens, I would appreciate some practice.  So I would like to put out the following offer:

I'll make you a free blog button in exchange for an honest assessment I can use as a testimonial in the future.  

So, think about it and let me know if you're interested.

If you're reading this before March 31, 2012, go HERE and sign up! 

Happy Crafting and big hugs from Montana,

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  1. You are way too clever. Really like your new look. Hadn't thought to create buttons for my blog in Picnik.

  2. New follower on GFC, Linky followers, and blog lovin! I like the buttons you made! You're so talented with a sewing machine!! I can do basic things, which involve a regular stitch and sewing in a straight line! =) I would love to learn to do zippers. Hope you have a good weekend!


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