Saturday, March 31, 2012

Remember the Retro Pillow Challenge?

Waaaaay back in September 2011 Keren from sew la vie! and I hosted our first sewing challenge.  We called it the Retro Pillow Challenge.  One of the participants, Miss Lauren from Michigan, was not able to complete her project in time.  It was a major bummer because she had a great idea but just not enough time to get it done.

Lauren is not a blogger, but she has a BurdaStyle profile.  She makes a lot of purses and bags, which is how I found her on BurdaStyle in the first place.  Anyway, many, many months later (little stab there!) Lauren finally finished her pillow.  She sent me some pics and just look at how cool it came out!  I just had to share.

Now I am Little-Miss-Matchy-Matchy-Everything-Must-Be-Symmetrical.  Lauren is not.  Her "eye" for design is much more organic than mine.  Just look how she plotted out her floral applique.  Two huge flowers and neither are centered.  But it all works, doesn't it?

Check out the gorgeous stitching and bead work.  

Well done Lauren!  Thanks so much for sending me the photos and for being such a cool BurdaStyle friend!

What about all of you, my lovely readers?  Do you like Lauren's pillow?  What do you think of her aesthetic?  What is your design style?

Happy crafting and big hugs from Montana,
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  1. WOW that is amazing! No wonder it took her so long to complete!

  2. LOVE the beading around the button on the red flower!!!


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